Visit our Castrol Quicklube where you never need an appointment for oil changes, state safety inspections, tire rotations, and more! Our service is fast and convenient with extended hours to accommodate your busy schedule. We offer a full line of both conventional and synthetic Castrol products, but we also understand our customers have preferences, so we also offer a wide variety of other brands, as well. With your full service oil change, we include the following:

• Choice of engine oil brand and weight
• Oil filter
• Lubricate chassis
• Battery load test
• Power steering fluid check and fill
• Antifreeze check and fill
• Brake fluid check and fill
• Transmission fluid check and fill
• Differential check and fill
• Visual inspection for obvious problems and/or leaks
• Wash windshield and inspect wipers
• Vacuum front floor boards
• Inspect belts and hoses
• Check tire pressure
• Check tire tread wear