"Finished work early, explained what was done, provided information on service requests I had..very thorough and courteous","Finished work early, explained what was done, provided information on service requests I had..very thorough and courteous"
Linda Mason

"I have over time been very pleased with Go Automotive. I've had a recent major service engagement of $2,000+ that Ashley worked proactively on with me in conjunction with an evaluation of a preowned car purchase. Of course, ""time will tell"" on the quality of that sizable of job, but I am certainly pleased thus far, and I'm optimistic for the long term future of my newly-acquired Subaru."
Brent & Debbie Derosset

"I have had several vehicles serviced at Go Automotive over the last year and have really enjoyed their honesty and quality of service. Their staff is very knowledgeable and treat my vehicles as if they were their own. I can leave my vehicle with them and have the peace of mind knowing that they will treat me very fair and not do unnecessary repairs."
John Torgerson - Torgerson Ragsdale Architects

"As owner of my own business, I use Go Automotive for service and repair on all of my fleet vehicles as well as my personal vehicles. Ashley, Amy, and their staff are always knowledgeable and professional. I count on them to keep my vehicles on the road."
Andy Jenisch - National Home Products

"Always great service at Go Automotive. Ashley and his crew know their customers and their vehicles."
Jeff Kennedy


"I always get great service at Go Automotive, always going the extra mile to satisfy customers. I had my previous vehicle a Cadillac Escalade at 3 different shops who couldn't seem to repair a problem with the front end including the Cadillac dealership. I took it to Go Automotive and they were able to diagnose and repair my problem in a matter of hours and I never had any issues again. Great company, great service! Highly recommended!"
Kasha Driskell

"Go Automotive, can't say enough about them. When I need to get one of my trucks back on the road, they are my first choice. When they analyze my vehicle, they tell me exactly what needs to be repaired but more importantly they tell me what repairs can wait. They are honest, do timely work, and are extremely professional. I would recommend them to anyone!"
Randy Defield - Yardworks

"Go Automotive provides you with the facts and information about your vehicle that are necessary in making decisions on repairs with your vehicle, and they allow you to make the call. Their recommendations are based off of what they would do with their own cars, not on what is best for their bottom line. I would recommend Go Automotive to any individual and any business that depends on their vehicle like I do."
Brian Pickens - Expert Pest Solutions